• Jon Garcia

21.03 - Away

No particular reason other than unspoken need. Needing a place other than home, away from familiar, far too familiar this last year. No plans, no lofty goals, just not home. The four of us are strong, time together is what we wanted but not how we planned. Forced inside and alone by an invisible threat, by fear and desire to protect the ones we love and those we have yet to meet.

This cabin, while not far is another world away from our own. A sanctuary from friends offered in exchange for art. We write, read, play games, draw, sled, laugh, and cry when spectacular stunts don't live up to the wild imagination of an 11 year old mind. We live. This is life, not as planned but as it must be through strange moments in history.

We have taken other breaks, similar but different. Recent memories of an adventure somehow surreal, we return home in a haze trying to reconcile the escape with what comes next. The unfortunate truths of daily life creeping back into our minds, school at home, work at home, play at home, eat at home, visit with friends and family at home... but on a screen.

There's hope, always. Perhaps now slowly coming into focus. But these times, these moments we cherish and hold in our hearts. These times we grow stronger as a family, these times we refill empty tanks. We will get through this, so proud of who we are, what we've become and how we're able to face the world together as family despite being alone.

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