• Jon Garcia

21.01 - Details

A beveled edge, a beautifully polished surface, a cleanly executed joint, a line that follows and accentuates the thoroughly crafted form.

Some see a car, a house, an electronic device, an appliance. I see details. Trained to see details. Paid to see details. Immersed in details. To a fault.

I force myself to step back, to admire the whole. The way all the details come together to form a single vision. One masterful collaboration of materials, finishes, talents, skills, engineering and artistry. The whole is a delight to behold, but in truth I love the details. A clean tight seam as two dissimilar materials learn to share a boundary. An impossible shape cut from an unyielding block of anything.

But the details can hurt. My job as a designer is not my job as a father. These little ones are more than a collection of details for me to analyze and hone to perfection. They are whole people. Wholly creative, imperfect, flawed, loving, fun, emotional, beautiful, and wonderfully unpredictable. They are more than the sum of their details and I am only here to provide some guidance, love, and structure, not try to make them who they already are.

Details are wonderful when they're wonderful. Not clouding eyes to see this place, this time for what it truly is. Wonderful.

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