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some words about Jon (that's me)

I'm a Texan.  Well, at least according to a piece of paper and my parents word. Those are the only proof I have to validate such a statement.  But they're trustworthy (my parents).  Must be true.

Not long there, then Minnesota, New York, Connecticut, New York, Boston, London, SoCal, Pomona, Glendora, Fullerton, Pasadena, Monrovia, Pasadena, Seattle Area, Millcreek, and finally Edmonds.  Home.

There are a few other details in there I may have left out.  College, Marriage, birth of my two kids, an ever evolving and expanding career, adventures, travel, and so much priceless time with family and friends.

I love art, design, nature, hiking, mountain biking, camping, cars, theater, and good stories.  But I have priorities.  Funny that word, it's an American thing having multiple priorities when it's supposed to define one thing.  Your priority.  Maybe it's more an order of importance.  God first, then marriage, family, community, and finally art and all the trappings of this world.

This site is devoted to words and pictures about family, adventures, and creations.  If I do something that my inner voice declares "Share this with the world!" I will.  The world may care or it may not and either is perfectly acceptable to me.  None of this is designed to please anyone but myself, just needed an outlet for all the thoughts rattling around my head.

Stay for a while, read a little, and come back if you find any amusement or value in what I've placed on these pages.


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